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Where To Buy Ingredients/Bakeware In Canada


  • – Excellent prices and free shipping on orders over $20. Just keep in mind that since it’s coming from the US, duty payment may be required upon delivery (about 20% of order total). Even with the duties, the low prices make it worthwhile. Some items like erythritol are almost 50% cheaper than any other retailer I’ve found. They have an excellent selection of sports nutrition and health food items, including whole food vitamins, which I haven’t been able to find anywhere else. I bought  5-lb NOW Foods whey protein isolate here at a decent price. Oh, and enter the coupon code WNP330 to get $10 off your first order!
  • Low Carb Canada – This is the only place I’ve found that you can purchase powdered erythritol. They also sell regular granulated erythritol, Stevia Balance , PB2, and a plethora of wonderful low-carb products. Good prices, and free shipping on orders over $100
  • – Offers bulk whey protein purchases from 2 to 45 pounds. It’s the best prices per weight that I’ve found, and they even offer New Zealand grass-fed whey protein which is free from chemical residue, hormones, and antibiotics. Plus, despite the potentially heavy shipping weight, they offer free shipping for orders over $99, and they’re a canadian company, so it’s nice to support them.
  • – THE cheapest place to buy my favorite flavored whey protein powders (Whey Gourmet). Almost 30% less than any other retailer. Another good Canadian company, free shipping over $49.
  • – A Canadian company with a wide variety of health, beauty, and baby products. Not the cheapest pricing, but fair for sure – comparable with 80% of online shops, and definitely cheaper than your local health food store. What makes them great is their selection of products. They offer almost every ingredient that I work with, plus some other great healthy goodies like matcha green tea powder (amazing for smoothies and homemade icecream!). So this is your one stop shop if convenience trumps price. As a bonus, you get to choose free gifts/samples with your order. Free shipping for orders over $25.
  • – This is your one stop shop for sports nutrition, supplements, fitness equipment, and clothing –  even if you’re not a body builder. This is where I get most of my vitamins and supplements (I follow the 4-Hour Body PAGG supplementation when I’m working on fat loss). The prices are great, and it’s duty free even though it’s coming from the US (yay!), plus as an extra bonus, you get to choose a free gift(s) with your order. Shipping costs end up being approximately 5-10% of your subtotal, depending on the weight. One slight bummer is that they’re not allowed to ship more than a 90-day supply of any one supplement to Canada in one order, so you won’t be able to buy that bulk 240 count bottle.
  • – They run the gamut from vitamins and supplements and sports nutrition, to baby, pet, home, and wellness products. Excellent prices (notably erythritol and stevia balance), and they also have all the hard to find supplements that I use for my 4-Hour Body PAGG stack for fat loss. Duty free, and very reasonable shipping prices (I paid $10 for a large order of supplements).
  • – Sports nutrition, fitness equipment, and a few really interesting protein products. This is where I get PB2 (powdered peanut butter that has all the flavor of peanut butter, minus the fat), whey crisps (which I’ve been wanting to try for forever to add to protein bars, but they seem to always be sold out), as well as P28 products, which are high protein breads, bagels, flatbreads, and spreads. Each serving has a whopping 28 grams of protein!! (1 slice of bread + spread for example). Their products taste amazing, and it’s definitely a kick in my ass to figure out how to master some protein bread recipes of my own! Free shipping on orders over $49.
  • – Bakeware, bakeware, bakeware! Besides the obvious selection of books etc, is also a great place to get affordable bakeware like muffin tins, cookie sheets, and donut pans, as well as appliances like a cake-pop maker, or waffle iron. Plus they’ve got neat items like cake decorating kits, chocolate and bar molds, and pretty cupcake liners. Supersaver free shipping available on many items, and orders over $25. They also have non-Amazon retailer items available which greatly expands their selection of products (those items are shipped separately though and have added shipping fees, so keep that in mind).
  • – Awesome selection of of fitness equipment, at great prices comparable to big-box stores like Canadian Tire, and a much better selection. Plus, I ordered about 125 pounds of dumbbells, kettle-bells etc to my house for only a $30 shipping fee. Well worth not having to haul those items home myself.
  • – Canadian raw vegan e-store. I haven’t actually ordered from these guys yet, but I’m very intrigued. They offer a lot of great hard to find healthy items in bulk. Free shipping on orders over $100, and also pick-up available in Toronto, and Barrie, ON.

Where do you shop online? If you know of a retailer that I haven’t discovered yet, please let me know so that I can check them out and add it to the list for other readers!

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