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High Protein Paleo Desserts Recipes

High protein paleo desserts recipes and paleo baking recipes are probably the cleanest treats you could ever indulge in. Paleo protein bars, paleo smoothie recipes, paleo protein shake, paleo protein balls, and paleo cake recipes are all some of the best paleo recipes, and all of which I hope to cover here soon.

I have to admit, paleo desserts recipes have been a challenge for me. I’m not paleo, so I had a bit of research to do. My first question was “what can you eat on the paleo diet?” Once I had that answered, I had to determine if protein powder was allowed, and if so, what types of paleo friendly protein powder are there? And what about paleo sweeteners? Paleo grains and paleo flour? Dairy? These are essential ingredients in my protein baking recipes!

The conclusions were mixed. From a purist paleo standpoint, protein powders don’t jive, but it seems that a lot of folks make exceptions, especially if they can find a good natural, organic, minimally processed protein powder. There are even protein powders that market themselves as Paleo, which are made from beef and egg protein, or hemp protein. Moving forward, I will consider most of you guys to be the more liberal paleo folks who allow a bit of paleo friendly protein powder, and I’ll try to throw in a few paleo baking recipes for the paleo purists as well :)

As for the paleo sweeteners, organic non GMO erythritol seems to be approved (yay!), as well as stevia in it’s unprocessed green powdered form. So that’s good news. On the topic of paleo grains and paleo flour, well most of them are technically a no no, although some make the occasional compromise. However, coconut flour, almond flour, almond meal, hazelnut flour, sweet potatoes, and squash are totally paleo. As for dairy, coconut oil, and almond milk pretty much have that covered aside from cheesecake, so we still have some nice ingredients to work with. Let’s get started!