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High Protein Dairy Free Dessert Recipes

This is where you’ll find dairy free dessert recipes, and high protein dairy free baking recipes, like dairy free cupcakes, dairy free cheesecake, dairy free brownies, dairy free cakes and dairy free icing, dairy free ice cream recipe, dairy free pancakes, dairy free muffins, dairy free biscuits, dairy free scones, and dairy free cookie recipes. If you’re looking for dairy free appetizers, or dairy free snacks, we’ve got those too. And of course they’re all high protein!

You can make dairy free dessert recipes and dairy free baking recipes out of any of the protein powder recipes on my site. Although I do work primarily with whey protein powder in my recipes, if your concern is lactose, you can find lactose free whey protein powders, and cassein, which is a dairy based protein as well, is naturally lactose free. So if this suits your needs, you can make any of my recipes with these protein powders.

If you are severely allergic to dairy, or avoid dairy for other reasons, you can also try substituting another vegan or dairy free protein powder like hemp protein, pea protein, brown rice protein, soy protein (try to find an organic one if possible), or egg protein. Just beware that these powders may react and/or taste different than whey protein. So you might have to experiment a bit to figure out what works and what doesn’t. I have created some specifically dairy free dessert recipes and dairy free baking recipes on this page though, so check them out!