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  • My husband has type2 diabetes and it was suggested to bake with protein powder and I would like to make chocolate chip oatmeal cookies or any other desserts and I need recipes and help. Thanks molly

    • Hi Molly, thanks for your comment. All the recipes here are sugar free and should be safe for your husband. Check them out, hopefully there will be ones you like, and I’ll get on the chocolate chip oatmeal cookies recipe!

  • Hi Angie!!
    Where have you been all my life!! LOL I just saw your FB page and I am so excited to try your recipes!! I immediately signed up for the newsletter :)

    I am currently preparing for a figure competition on 3 October and plan to pull a treat from your treasure to have as my after competition treat!!

    AFTER the competition I am sure I will be doing a lot of proteinbuff baking!!

    From a Soldiers, Figure Competitor, and Health&Fitness Fanatic – THANK YOU!!

    • Hi Ericka, thanks so much for your wonderful message! It feels so nice to know that there are people out there who appreciate the blog like you do! Figure competition prep requires so much hard work and discipline, I have a lot of respect for you folks. I hope my recipes can help you indulge a bit while staying on track with your goals :) If you let me know what your favorite dessert is, I’ll post a Protein Buff version for your post competition treat :) Best of luck October 3rd, let me know how it goes!


  • Hi Angie,
    I think your blog is great!
    My husband is currently bodybuilding and requires healthy high protein food, Thanks
    I heard about you blog through your Dad. We are cousins

    • Hi Marcy, so glad you like the blog! I know bodybuilding can be quite strict, hope my recipes can help your husband achieve his goals! Best of luck, and thanks for your support!


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