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Morning Thoughts

Morning Thoughts Coffee

It’s 8:13 am, on a crisp November morning here in Toronto. I’ve been awake since 5:45, which is a time I haven’t seen since a particularly late wine night with some friends and coworkers a few months ago. Working late nights as a bartender for the past 5 years, I’ve become accustomed to sleeping in until 11 or 12. These days I’ve been waking up earlier and earlier.

Since beginning to work on this website a few weeks ago, I’ve developed a zest for life that must be contributing to my newfound affection for mornings. Being a card-carrying perfectionist, this zest inevitably comes with a certain amount of anxiety. All the little decisions that add up to the making of a great blog can be a bit overwhelming at times. With a little faith, and a lot of caffeine, I keep on keeping on.

I’m not a writer, a website developer, or even a baker (at least not a professionally trained one), but I am very enthusiastic about my health and fitness, which is what got me started making these protein powder recipes in the first place. So, I try to focus on that. Yesterday I brainstormed the ultimate list of recipes I want to create, thoughts of which had me up at the crack of dawn this morning. Last night, my boyfriend Sam, posed the idea of some holiday recipes, and I’d forgotten to write the idea down.

Christmas is around the corner, so perhaps some rum and eggnog iced cupcakes, or some mint chocolate candy cane crumble protein bars are in order :) Posts to follow on those! In the meantime, I just wanted to share a bit of my morning, and all of my excitement with my future readers. I can’t wait to officially launch this thing!

Cheers folks, I’m off to grab a coffee and get to work!

Happy Protein Baking! - Angie

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