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Links & Resources – Baking/Food Blogs


  • Protein Pow(der) – Anne Sward, the blog’s creator, is probably the first person to create a blog about baking with protein powder! She has a ton of recipes, and has built a great little protein community, so that keeps me motivated to keep working hard creating new recipes, as well as to keep building into something great :)
  • Fitness Treats – A plethora of healthy nutrition packed recipes, and whey protein recipes too. Elise lives in Amsterdam, so we’ve made tentative plans to meet up the next time I’m visiting my dutch buds in the Netherlands :)
  • All Day I Dream About Food – Low-carb and gluten-free without sacrificing flavor – that is Carolyn’s goal. This blog is where I first saw mention of the mysterious substance called erythritol, and I will be ever grateful! Thanks for the tip Carolyn, and keep making wonderful food!
  • Oh She Glows – A bright and beautiful blog featuring healthy vegan recipes. Angela has some great vegan protein bar recipes, and she’s a Canadian girl too, so we’ve got that in common too lol.
  • Gluten Free Girl – Written by the lovely Shauna James Ahern, her blog is treasure trove of gluten-free recipes and baking tips. I face a lot of the same challenges in my protein baking, as she does with gluten-free, so her blog has been a great resource, and a joy to read.
  • Ask Georgie – Her tag-line says it well: Nutrition Coaching, Recipes and Intelligent Advice. Dig in. Another healthy foodie looking to make the world a better place – she’s even been known to make a few protein recipes, a girl after my own heart!
  • Ripped Recipes – A lot of these websites have a distinctly feminine touch. Ripped Recipes is definitely more manly haha. Well, food is food, and they’ve got some great recipes for healthy meals. The calorie info is front and centre, so you can more easily choose recipes that way without having to dig around too much.
  • The Lean Green Bean – Lindsay is a registered dietician and healthy living blogger, and she describes her blog as healthy recipes, nutrition tips, workouts and a little sprinkle of life.
  • Eat Drink Breathe – This great little blog features recipes and reflections from the west coast, and is written by my cousin Shawn Galway. This is one of the first food blogs I ever read, and it continues to be a source of inspiration for me. Shawn’s love of food, gardening, and jazz music infuse into his writing like the bones in a homemade stock – and make it obvious to me that we are of the same stock, as those are some of my greatest passions as well!
  • Sally’s Baking Addiction – Okay, so Sally isn’t exactly a healthy baker so to speak, but she makes BEAUTIFUL food, and she photographs it beautifully well. This is something I would like to do better, so her blog is definitely staying on my reading list for a while.

 Know any great food/baking blogs? I’m always on the lookout for inspiration and collaboration, so recommend your favs! Send me an email at

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