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Links & Resources – Apps

APPS – An amazing online mind-mapping/brainstorming tool that I use to create all the plans for (website structure, article and recipe ideas, promo plans etc), as well as for personal planning and goal setting. Great for getting ideas big and small organized and out of your head. You can add notes, links, and media to everything so that it’s all right there where and when you need it.

(I use these on my iphone, not sure if they’re supported on other platforms)

  • My Fitness Pal – “What gets measured gets managed” said the infamous Peter Drucker. I couldn’t agree more. This app tracks calories, nutrition, exercise, and weight, and puts all this data into handy graphs and pie charts. Love it. It was a huge reality check for me when I started using this app, and it helped me get on track towards a healthier lifestyle. I don’t track what I eat every day anymore, but a handy feature of the myfitnesspal is that you can scan or look up pretty much every food/ingredient imaginable (or create your own), and find out the caloric/nutritional information, so I use it to compile such data for my protein buff recipes. Super handy!
  • BodyTrackIt – Again, what gets measured gets managed. Just focusing on the numbers on the scale, can be very misleading in regards to the true, sometimes hidden progress we are making towards our goals. This app allows you to regularly track your body measurements, as inches lost – or gained in certain areas of your body as muscles – are usually a more telling indicator. It also lets you take pictures, which viewed week to week in retrospect allow you to actually visually see your progress.
  • BodyFatCalc – A simple body fat percentage calculator, based on a few easy measurements. Another good way to track your progress if you’re trying to lose body fat.
  • RunKeeper – Use it to track activities from walking and running, to biking and skiing. It uses info about weight, age, height etc, combined with it’s GPS tracker to track your distance, speed, and calories burned, and more great data that you can use to set goals and increase performance. I use this on my runs all the time. It is also capable of syncing with other apps, as well as a heart-rate monitor, if you have one.
  • Calculator, Timer – Basic apps that are probably on every phone, but I use them constantly whilst baking to calculate and convert measurements, and I always always always set a timer as soon as I put something in the oven. Every oven operates a little bit differently, so I set a timer to check on it a bit before it should be done, and test a few items at different cooking times (for goodies that come in multiples like muffins and cookies) so that I can know the perfect baking time for next time. And write it down – you think you’ll remember, but you won’t.
  • Epicurious – Chocked full of recipes from exclusively featured articles and Michelin Chefs. Cool search functions allow you to find inspiring ideas for a specific ingredient or course (e.g.: dessert, appetizer, soup etc). Super handy, and also has great stuff on their website.
  • Omnifocus – Okay, this isn’t related to baking or health either, but this is kinda the glue that makes sure I can get everything else done in my life and still have time for them haha. Omnifocus is a fairly expensive  (but in my opinion well worth it) productivity app. I use it to organize all my tasks, ideas, lists, goals, appointments, due dates, and errands into one place. In today’s fast paced world, the things that make life worth living (health, creativity, fun, family, and of course baking ;) are often the ones that get pushed aside. This helps.

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