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Iced Protein Coffee Drink Recipe Four Ways

Iced Protein Coffee

Alright, so this is a simple one – you may have already made some of these high protein drinks recipes yourself – but an iced protein coffee drink recipe is a great way to enjoy your morning coffee with a chilly twist, or to relax with while basking in the sun on a hot day. I’ve included a bunch of variations as well – iced protein cappuccino, iced protein mocha, vanilla iced protein cappuccino, and iced protein bananoffee. Cheers!

Ps: You’ll need an espresso machine (or make some double strong coffee with a coffee maker) as well as a magic bullet or blender.


(all recipes make 1 large serving of iced protein coffee drink)

2 shots of espresso (or about 1/3 cup strong coffee) – preferably cooled – hot will work, it’ll just be less less slushy.
3/4 cup of unsweetened almond milk
1 cup of ice
1 Tbsp 10% cream (optional)


Iced Protein Cappuccino (Tim Hortins style for my Canadian friends :)
1.5 scoops (45 g) Whey Gourmet Arctic Cappuccino whey protein powder (this is my absolute favorite flavoured protein powder. Freakin delicious).


Iced Protein Mocha
1.5 scoops (45 g) chocolate whey protein powder


Vanilla Iced Protein Cappuccino
1.5 scoops (45 g) vanilla whey protein powder


Iced Protein Bananoffee
1.25 scoops (41 g) Muscle Pharm Banana Combat Powder


Throw everything in your magic bullet and blend until it’s iced protein coffee perfection!


224 calories          316 mg sodium
33 g protein           410 mg potassium
8 g carbs                10% vitamin A
6 g fat                      45% vitamin C
2 g fiber                   47% calcium
6 g sugar                 5% iron

Iced Protein Coffee Calorie Breakdown Pie Chart - protein

Iced Protein Coffee: 60% Protein, 25% Fat, 15% Carbs.

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