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Gluten Free Protein Baking

Gluten Free

Hello to my gluten-free friends, and those just curious about trying some gluten-free baking. I’m from the latter category. I wouldn’t say I’m an expert yet, but my journey to finding healthier alternatives to wheat flour has introduced me to an exciting world of alternatives.

Over the next while I’ll be experimenting a lot with these different flours, and creating more gluten-free protein recipes. For now, this is what I know.


My favorite gluten-free flour is oat flour, which has a similar taste and feel to wheat flour, with the added bonus of being a bit higher in fiber, protein, and micronutrients.

I LOVE coconut flour – the taste is oh so rich and coconuty, and it’s full of healthy fiber. NEVER substitute coconut flour completely for another light flour like oat though, as it is much denser and fibrous, and you will end up with something resembling a dry brick. I would substitute up to half coconut flour though for a tasty fiber boost.

Almond flour is another great option I use. For almond flour I would follow the same rules as coconut flour – substitute up to half, but not the full amount as it will turn out hard and dry from all the fiber. posts a great recipe for an all purpose flour: 200 grams of sorghum flour, 200 grams of millet flour, 300 grams of sweet rice flour, and 300 grams of potato starch. (That’s for 1000 grams of flour mix). You can make up a big batch and then use it in pretty much any recipe as needed. To make this flour mix more of a whole grain mix, you can add other flours into the amount the recipe calls for.

Here’s a list of gluten-free flours by category (also courtesy of


Whole Grain Flours
brown rice flour
buckwheat flour
corn flour
mesquite flour
millet flour
oat flour
quinoa flour
sorghum flour
sweet potato flour
teff flour

White Flours/Starches
arrowroot flour
potato flour
potato starch
sweet rice flour
tapioca flour
white rice flour

Nut Flours
almond flour
chestnut flour
coconut flour
hazelnut flour

Bean Flours
fava bean flour
garbanzo bean flour
kinako (roasted soy bean) flour


I’ll keep you guys posted as I learn more about creating different gluten-free flour combos, and what baked goods they taste best in. If you have some resources or tips that might help me or other protein buff readers, please share! Send me an email at

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