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Protein Cupcakes Recipe Page

A good protein cupcakes recipe is worth it’s weight in gold. My first protein cupcake recipe made me feel like I had somehow cheated the system by finding a way to eat something deliciously bad, that somehow was good for me!

Once you learn how to make protein cupcakes, my vanilla protein cupcakes, chocolate protein cupcakes, and a zesty lemon protein cupcakes recipe will be just the beginning for you! Whey protein cupcakes can take on whatever form your imagination desires, and you can turn any of your favourite cupcakes into a protein cupcake recipe. And with a beautiful piping of protein frosting, your protein cupcakes are sure to impress even your most skeptical friends and family!

Protein cupcakes often require a bit more compromise on the healthiness front to achieve the light fluffy texture we crave. However, they can still be high protein and low sugar or even sugar free, and certainly a much smarter choice than non protein cupcakes.

The trickiest part about making a protein cupcakes recipe is the sugar free frosting or sugar free icing. A cream cheese based frosting is the easiest sugar free icing to make, but it’s also possible to make a buttercream style healthy frosting – although I haven’t been able to achieve sugar free frosting status with that one yet. Soon mwahaha! Anyhoo, hope you enjoy the protein cupcakes recipe list I have so far!