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High Protein Muffin Recipe Page

Here on the high protein muffin recipe page you’ll learn how to make protein muffins like my most scrumptious, irresistibly good banana protein muffins, pumpkin protein muffins, and blueberry protein muffins, to the even more decadent double chocolate protein muffin recipe, lemon poppyseed protein muffin recipe, and the oh so peanut buttery PB2 protein muffins. High protein muffins, and cue salivation ;)

A good high protein muffin recipe should be healthy, high fiber, and packed with nutrient dense ingredients. The recipes are very forgiving, and great place to start for protein baking beginners. I’ve some great easy protein muffin recipes to help you learn how to make protein muffins like whey protein muffins (my preference) as well as some paleo and vegan protein muffins as well. Most of my protein muffin recipes are gluten free and some are low fat or low carb protein muffins. So take a look at the high protein muffin recipe list I’ve got so far, and stay tuned for more!