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Protein Cookies Recipe Page

High protein cookies recipe awesomeness! I was sooo excited when I first learned how to make protein cookies recipes. You can make high protein cookies recipes as soft and chewy or crisp and crumbly as any regular recipe, plus when you’re making a sugar free protein cookies recipe (all of my recipes are sugar free!) they’re gonna be healthy and guilt free to boot!

My first attempt at a protein cookies recipe was peanut butter protein cookies – which turned into protein muffins because I tried to make them low fat – lesson learned! My shortbread protein cookies turned out much better, and my sugar protein cookies blew my mind! They taste almost identical to regular cookies, and are sugar free (except for decorations like colored sprinkles!).

Learn how to make protein cookies recipes like the ones here, and stay tuned for some new ones – oatmeal protein cookies, chocolate protein cookies, pumpkin protein cookies, no bake protein cookies, and a gluten free protein cookies recipe are all on my baking to do list. Let’s get started!