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Angie Seitz - Protein Powder Recipes Ninja!


I’m Angie Seitz, blogger, fellow foodie, and healthy baking buff in the making. I started experimenting with protein powder recipes in January 2013, and created almost a year later from my home in Toronto, Ontario, as a way to document and share my journey and recipes with others.

Welcome to my world of healthy, high protein, sugar free, ridiculously yummy baking! My recipes incorporate protein powders, natural sweeteners, and whole food ingredients that are naturally high in fiber, protein, and nutrients, to re-create and innovate your favorite baked goods. Cupcakes, cookies, cheesecakes, and brownies shall no longer be indulged upon with a side of guilt, but with a side of health!


My journey began in October 2012 when I began working on developing a healthier lifestyle, and shedding the 25 pounds I’d gained over several years of culinary indulgence and a not so active lifestyle. I started running, and eating what I thought to be healthier foods, but after the first few pounds lost, I plateaued. No matter how many kilometers I ran, or how much (or how little) oatmeal and fruit I ate, the last 20 pounds wouldn’t budge.

I started researching health, fitness, and weight loss tips, and stumbled upon the Cut The Fat Podcast, which I started listening to during my runs.


On the podcast they stressed the importance of strength training, and a high protein diet consisting of 30-50% of calories coming from protein. I started tracking my calories, nutrition, and macronutrients using the Myfitnesspal app on my phone, and realized that although my caloric intake and exercise was within a range that should support a healthy weight loss, my protein intake was only a measly 10-15%, leaving most of my calories to insulin raising (and fat loss inhibiting) carbohydrates.

The next day I swapped my run for a strength training workout, and my oatmeal and fruit for a roasted chicken and veggie egg-white omelette, and immediately started dropping weight again!


I kept swapping out high carb snacks like granola bars and muffins for veggies and high protein alternatives like cottage cheese and shrimp cocktail, but my protein intake was still only at 20-25% or so, and I really missed my sweets! The podcast suggested supplementing with protein powder so I started drinking protein shakes, and buying protein bars. After awhile I got a bit sick of them though, and I was shocked at the list of ingredients in most protein bars and powders (sugars, artificial sweeteners, hydrogenated oils, thickening agents and fillers, GMO corn and soy byproducts to name a few).

The $2-5 cost per protein bar wasn’t so great either, at least with the powders I had a bit more control over the quality and cost. So I decided to attempt to make my own protein bars! I looked online and found a few scattered recipes, most loaded with oatmeal, honey, dried fruit, and chocolate chips (more like granola bars than protein bars), so I decided to create my own recipe. It actually turned out pretty good!


After successfully creating a few different bars, I thought, why not try baking some extra protein into muffins too? I added some whey powder into a batch of corn muffins to go with my homemade chili, and managed to create the driest, most rubbery muffins I’d ever ventured to taste. This was going to take some work to finesse.


I scoured the web for other protein powder recipes and came up mostly empty, but there were a few out there, it must be possible! I kept reading blogs and baking sites in search of tips and ideas, and continued experimenting with my own recipes. There were many more corn muffin moments of failure and learning, and some great successes that inspired me to continue.

After nearly a year of trial and error, I had come up with about 40 recipes, and I decided that some of them were too good to continue to keep to myself! I wanted to find a way to share these recipes with others who were trying to live a healthy high protein lifestyle, and hopefully save you some disappointing corn muffin moments.


So Protein Buff was born! It’s a constantly evolving process, and sharing it with other people is both scary and exhilarating. At the end of the day though, these recipes are something I love to create (and to eat!), and aside from being a little bit scared to share them, the only real downside to being a protein baking buff, is doing the dishes afterwards. I hope you enjoy :)

Oh, and feel free to contact me with any questions, comments, or ideas at or connect with me on your social media platform of choice. I’d love to hear from you!

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  • OMG, I just found you on twitter and I was stoaked to see that you and I have a similar passion for protein powder in everything! Then I saw you were from toronto, too! I’m in LA now, but grew up in Richmond hill :)

    I have a protein pancake company now. I wasn’t joking when I said I go nuts for this stuff :) Great to have found you!


    • Hi Caren, so great to hear from a fellow protein fanatic! I just checked out the site, your recipes look amazing! And congrats on the launch of your protein pancake mix! :) If you ship to Canada I’ll have to buy some for sure. And next time you’re in the Toronto area we’ll have to meet up for a coffee and a protein bake-fest!


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